Play on Spotify This song was sung by Mark Bernes, he played one of these two friends. Even when you don’t understand the lyrics, or when you have to survive with a translation that never really covers the entire meaning, you can still feel it…, Soft were her lips, Tender her touch, Now she is gone, It's over. I Wanna Kiss You. Long is our winter, dark is our night, O come set us free, O saving light. How awesome would it be if we both could speak Russian! Guitar Tabs Universe Song information for Dark Is the Night - Boone Creek on AllMusic Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I want to touch them now with my lips! Then I read that it’s a song of the movie ‘Two Soldiers’ (1943). Play Advices. I’d describe it as metal, and they have some really good songs. "Dark Night" is the most recognizable Soviet song from World War II. His greatest hits of the 1950s were Boys From Moscow (also known as Sergey From Malaya Bronnaya Street) and Enemies Burned the Dear House Down. Chords Diagrams. Notes. Song, Dark Is The Night - Translation (Rus.) Listen to Yulya in full in the Spotify app. Last edit on Feb 13, 2014. poem by Lyudmila Purgina. Moscow After Dark. It was so beautiful it almost hurt me. This blog is starting to feel like home. Long is our winter, dark is our night, O come set us free, O saving light. You have nothing to be sorry for it is what it is. "In the Dark" is a song performed by American singer Dev. I always thought she said something along the lines of ‘It’s their name, surprising’. I hope you will manage to find a good translation and good luck with the singing! And this frightening black winter steppe has lain down between us. Dark Is The Night, But Lo! Lyrics to 'In The Dark Of The Night' by Soundtrack Artists. I know that you don’t sleep in this dark night, my lovely, More Yulya. The song’s title is often translated as ‘Dark is the Night’, though it literally means ‘dark night’ (Тёмная ночь). The song is from a wartime movie "Two fighters", which was filmed in 1943, during the hardest battles of WW2. Translating is a hard job! Change ), “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ― Martha Graham, One line is my sins, the other forgiveness for these sins – part 2. More by Yulya. I couldn’t choose. 7,753 views, added to favorites 97 times. Here we will listen to a very famous Soviet WWII-time song “Dark night”. (On the YouTube channel: "Russian songs with English subtitles")-----* An English interlinear translation of lyrics: * Dark night, only bullets are whistling in the steppe, Dark Is The Night, But Cheering Is The Promise, He Will Go With Me Over The Troubled Wave; Safe He Will Lead Me Through The Pathless Waters, Jesus, The Mighty One, And Strong To Save. The death is not scary, we have faced it many times on the steppe. The translation in English can be found below the two videos. [RASPUTIN] In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be -- It scared me out of my wits -- A corpse falling to bits! Hide Me, My Father, Till The Storm Is Over. Dark Is The Night by Ry Cooder Tab Different Versions Chords, Tab, Tabs. The translation in English can be found below the two videos. Yulya Sings Her Favorite Russian Songs. The fact that it’s in Russian makes it so powerful. You are waiting for me and you cannot sleep by the cradle. Dark Night is a song by The Blasters. I love so much the depth of your gentle eyes, I understood some words, not many, but I searched for the text and found it both in Russian and English. Song information for Dark is the Night - Ry Cooder on AllMusic ( Log Out /  The first one is the song as it was performed in the movie, the second one is done by Tracktor Bowling. Source: Worship in Song: A Friends Hymnal #138 ( Log Out /  Why does the Tracktor Bowling singer say, “Congratulations, with the feast” (ish) before she starts singing? I even understand a bit Russian when it’s spoken. I’m already trying to sing along…. For the original, beautiful Russian text, look here. Download Pdf. Because I know that you will show me love, no matter what wrong happens to me. And each season, had its reason, For returning to spring. Listen to Yulya now. The melody to Dark Eyes is exotic, its opening phrases rising higher and higher, its rhythmic character roiling with the song's sense of passion. I also started searching for Russian music and then came across the band Tracktor Bowling. I understand the odd phrase or word here or there, but way less than I’d like to. Anyway, I found the video with the song as it appeared in the movie. Translations never cover the entire meaning of a text, and I can’t wait to be able to read and understand in fully in Russian. Dark is the night, Sad is my heart, Blue is the moon, It's over. The song’s title is often translated as ‘Dark is the Night’, though it literally means ‘dark night’ (Тёмная ночь). I’ve looked around and i don’t see anything reasonable. Waw, that is like one of the biggest compliments you could give me! Only wind rumbles in the wires, and faded stars twinkle. When we met, the world was a laughing thing. The song was released as the album's second single on April 25, 2011, through Universal Motown. And even now it circles around me. "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" is a gospel blues song written and performed by American musician Blind Willie Johnson and recorded in 1927. I am glad and calm in this deadly fight, Translations never reach the level of the original, unfortunately… I’m sorry you don’t like it. Wait til you get to songs and lyrics by Visotskiy . "Dark Was The Night" borrows its structure from "Gethsemane," an English hymn from the 18th century. The dark night divides us, my lovely, Dark Is The Night, And Cold The Wind Is Blowing, Nearer And Nearer Comes The Breakers’ Roar; Where Shall I Go, Or Whither Fly For Refuge? It is better to keep the feel and intent of the song than to keep to exact translation. Featured on Russian Romantic Songs. And severe, black steppe was pushed between me and you. Author Dyuha [a] 8,022. For the original, beautiful Russian text, look here. Dark in the night. It felt like finding a treasure. If you find a translation that fits the ‘esthetic’ feeling better, feel free to let me know and I will add it to the post! Come set us free, O saving light, O come dwell among us, O saving light. Album: Anastasia( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Artist/Composer: David Newman NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. His image in this movie was great, he shows the brave soldier from Odessa, it was the typical image of a Soviet Marine. It’s only a little bit, but it’s something. In this case I above all wanted to know this for myself. You’ve inspired me, though, and I’m looking into intensive summer programs for next year , Really? Soft were her lips, Tender her touch, Now she is gone, And I must walk, Walk in a lonely place. ( Log Out /  That’s why I know: nothing wrong will happen to me! Now I must dream, Dream of her warm embrace. . In the dark night, my love, I know you are not sleeping, And, near a child's crib, you secretly wipe away a tear. Key Variations. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s really a rhetorical question; I don’t expect you to know the answer but I was surprised to recognize the first two words out of her mouth , Ooooh, now I hear it! Beautiful! The Red Army is the Strongest in the World, Russian Sign Language Songs | Каверы песен на RSL (Русском жестовом языке), Я люблю тебя, жизнь (Ya lyublyu tebya, zhizn'), Песенка фронтового шофёра (Pesenka frontovogo shofyora), Когда поёт далёкий друг (Kogda poyot dalyokiy drug), Merlin (TV series) - Dear Merlin (Monologue), Sarit Avitan - מישהי אחרת (MiShahi Acheret). Beautiful song! This faith prevented me from the bullets in the dark night… ( Log Out /  I could as well have won a lot of money – it was so wonderful. The translation is not good It does not transcribe the rhythm of the song, does not keep to the meter, and comes out sounding rather cheese with too much pathos. Lit. Without even meaning to. I’ll search for those! I’m impressed , Nah, it’s just that the two words she happened to say are ones we use every single weekend at church. Contains advertisements and/or short musical examples of pieces being sold by publisher. Since I’m learning Russian, I feel like I’ve got a whole new world that’s starting to reveal itself. The Russians call this war the Great Patriotic War, and they keep the memory alive. This movie is about a war, made during World War 2. The night is dark, only bullets are whizzing over the steppe The song is primarily an instrumental featuring Johnson's self-taught bottleneck slide guitar and picking style accompanied by his vocalizations of humming and moaning. And, you know, feel free to visit me in Russia the coming year , You are very very welcome, since none of my friends or family seem to get it arranged or seem to want to come . The famous war song from the film Two soldiershttp vtkTZLDXXP0o. This post was written in the very beginning of when I was studying Russian, so I couldn’t judge all too well which translation would be best. Create a free website or blog at After the war, he continued to perform songs about the war. Posted by No Blog Intended on February 2, 2013, Dark is the night, Sad is my heart, Blue is the moon, Now I must dream, Dream of her warm embrace. Yulya Sings Songs of the Russian Street Urchins. And you secretly wipe your tears by the cradle. Overall I like the more literal ones more in order to really know what’s being said. Bullet’s whistling all over the steppe, Only wind’s humming up in the wires, Only stars dimly twinkle. Journey Into Russia With Yulya. This is a great post about a really lovely song that is worth listening to in either Russian or English. Dark is the Night (Tyomnaya Noch) 3:05 0:30. Bernes's name had become closely associated with World War II. The career-spanning best-of album includes an expansive 39-song tracklist curated by the bandmembers themselves, including the brand new single "Black Is The Night… Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Translation:... Yuval Dayan - סופרת ת'דקות (Soferet Ta'Dakot), Featuring artist: Nikita Bogoslovsky (music), Vladimir Agatov (lyrics). And like this, I’ve added one more post to the series about darkness. But Leonid Utyosov, without knowledge and without permission of authors and film unit, recorded the song thus became the first to do it. Suddenly I can read some titles of Russian ballet videos. Then I stumbled upon a song that isn’t theirs but they’ve once performed it. If i happen to find something reasonable, i will post it. When someone or something is extremely unattractive and unpleasant to look at. I’ve translated it myself for lack of anything better, but it’s not good enough to post. It was written by Dev alongside The Cataracs, who produced it for Dev's debut studio album, The Night the Sun Came Up (2011). Gethsemane was the garden where Jesus prayed on the eve of his Crucifixion, and the song tells that story with lyrics: Dark was the night, and cold the ground On which the Lord was laid His sweat like drops of blood ran down In agony he prayed I do believe in you, my dear friend, "In the Dark" came about when Dev wanted to make a sexy song to show that she is a grown woman. I was actually looking for translation myself (need it for a singing class), and was looking something decent (that is how i found this blog as it came up in the search). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Page Maybe because I found this song after about two months of studying Russian…, I think you know more Russian than you have stated here. I do believe so too. By Nicholas Brodszky and Sammy Cahn, Published on 01/01/50. It will be great when you can understand it all as they sing it. Dark Is The Night tab by Ry Cooder. And I … COMPOSERS: Gli re LABELS: Conifer WORKS: How Dark Is the Night: Songs PERFORMER: Elena Prokina (soprano)Semion Skigin (piano) CATALOGUE NO: 75605 51303 2 Reinhold Glière (1875-1956) may be best remembered for his large-scale works, but this invaluable recording – the first CD devoted to his songs – should help to focus attention on his talent as a vocal miniaturist.

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