Synthetic Urine | Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine


For Candidates Under the Following Circumstance:

  • Need to Provide a Urine Sample
  • For Job Application
  • Under or Over 240 lbs

A safe and sterile alternative to real human urine. Use Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine and trust in his superhero powers to keep you safe and out of any harms way.



Why choose synthetic urine?

Customers can purchase this synthetic urine with confidence.

Just got a job and you know it’s coming, the infamous drug test…
What to do? You can call your friends and ask them for their urine (pretty gross).
Or maybe you can run around and follow your children waiting for them to tinkle because you know they have to be clean (Or at least you hope they are).

But why stress, get yourself the Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine PEEPACK and save the worry for something worth worrying about.

Customers who buy the Synthetic Urine PEEPACK enjoy the way

  1. it contours to your body, conveniently comes with a hand warmer to achieve perfect testing temperatures (90-100 degrees F),
  2. has medical fluid release valve so it’s discrete, and
  3. and as always carry’s 2.5 ounces of PEEPACKS patented CleanPee sterile synthetic urine.

You can apply to any job with the confidence of knowing you can pass that dreaded drug test with flying colors. Leaving behind any and all hassle’s allowing you to keep living your lifestyle as you see fit.

Comes with:

  • One Peepack fluid apparatus loaded with 2.5 ounces of Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine
  • One air activated hand warmer.
  • One temperature strip.
  • One durable rubberband

How to use Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine:

Make sure to give the bottle a good shake before heating up and after as well.

You must first heat the fake urine before you are ready to use it
The correct temperature must be between 90 to 100 degrees F

Your synthetic urine container may be heated in the microwave for up to 10 seconds.
Before heating make sure you remove the cap.
If the temperature has not reached the optimum temperature after you heat it the first time, reheat it.
For any reason you cannot see a reading on the outside temperature strip, but the bottle is still warm, then the product has overheated and must now cool down.

Please be aware: Customers who plan on relying solely on the heating pad included in the box will require close to an hour to heat between 90-100 degrees F.
Simply place the heating pad on the bottle but make sure it is on the opposite side of the temperature strip to get an accurate reading.
Secure the bottle and heating pad together with the included rubber band.
This method will keep the fluid close to 100 degrees F for up to a 6 hour time period while keeping it in your pocket or inside the clothes you are wearing.

Do not drink this product


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