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Don’t know if your clean? Got a new job? Why don’t you test yourself first before you go? Never fail a drug test again after taking an at home drug test.

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Choose the right At Home Drug Test for you

Below is the difference between our at home drug test kits.

  • 1 panel – THC
  • 3 panel – THC, COC and mAMP
  • 5 panel – THC, COC, mAMP, AMP, and Opiates


This test is effective for pre-employment, random, reasonable cause and personal use purposes.
Just follow the specific directions found in the kit and have a urine sample ready to test.
Results are available after a maximum of 5 to 7 minutes.

Be sure to use take advantage of your at home drug test so you may go confidently knowing you are ready to pass any proceeding test one may try to make you take.

Instructions to use AT Home Drug Test:

1. Perform test at room temperature and make sure the test card, pee sample, and/or controls are also at room temperature before testing. Have pee sample ready.

2. Once removed from the fixed pocket, utilize the test as quickly as possible. Take off the labeled cap located at the end of the card.

3. With the arrows pointed towards the pee sample, submerge the strip(s) of the test card vertically into the pee example for no less than 10-15 seconds. Submerge test to at least the same level of the wavy lines on the strip(s) yet NOT over the arrow(s) on the test card. Try not to let the plastic device/test card over the wavy lines to be touched by the pee.

4. Put the cap back on top and place the test card on a non-absorbent level surface. Begin your clock and sit tight for the shaded lines to show up. The outcome should be readable in 5 minutes. Results stay stable for up to 4 hours after the test began.

Translation of Results:

NEGATIVE: Two lines show up. A shaded line shows up in the Control Region (C) and a shaded line shows up in the Test Region (T). Your result would be considered as negative even if it shows a very faint line – shades of shadowed lines in the T Region may differ. Negative implies that the concentrations in the pee sample are below the assigned cut-off levels for a specific drug exam. It would be ideal if you check your directions for more info on the cut-off levels being utilized as a part of your test.

POSITIVE: A colored line shows up in the Control Region (C) and NO line shows up in the Test Region (T). Positive implies that the drug fixation in the pee sample is higher than the assigned cut-off level for a particular drug being tested. Check your directions for more data on the cut-off levels being used as a part of your test.

INVALID: No line shows up in the Control Region (C). Not enough specimen volume or improper procedure technique are the most probable explanations behind Control line failure. Read the instructions again and retake the test with another test card.


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1 Panel, 3 Panel, 5 Panel


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