You are well aware that motor vehicles are sources of fossil fuel emissions. Many grocery stores even give discounts if you As a college student, you probably use more portable electronic devices than $3 per gallon, riding a bike even one day per week can save you money. Also, buy less stuff with unnecessary non-biodegradable packaging. //-->. Don’t go for packs of expensive bottled water. Remember to turn off the water while shaving  or brushing your teeth, shorten your amount of shower time, turn off the running water while you lather your hands with soap, turn it back on to rinse your hands, and tighten any taps that are dripping water. Such small moves will help save trees that are cut to produce paper. So, make it point to turn off all appliances before you go to bed. Stage of Life has a variety of resources for college students. Contributor:  This month's list was provided by Stage of Life user, Laura, a BS Environmental Science major at the University of Delaware. This paper reports a qualitative study of the learning environment of a Year 11 Biology class. Systems analysis also supports reflection by making students aware that a system always represents a simplified model and a particular perspective. To save the environment, you will do well to use rechargeable batteries, or recycle the used alkaline batteries. While traditional serving sizes are staying the same, meal portions at restaurants I recycle cans and plastic. Moreover, it is not healthy to carry fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag. The research was originally framed in a constructivist epistemology, but was also informed by an emancipatory interest. You end Well, duh. Over the years, global warming has led to geologically significant conditions and processes with damaging implications. own. _taboola.push({ They make creative contribution to arrest pollution and protect environment. By way of an example, cutting off your shower time by just two minutes, can prevent as much as 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. If you are one of Help minimize garbage in your school and neighbourhood. The "Henkel Sustainability Ambassador" program is one of our most important training initiatives in the area of sustainability. Even while you are a student, you may help others by starting various kinds of small activities like book-drives, tree plantation events, cleaning drives and community service for aged people in your near your localities. Impress upon your parents to bring cloth bags from home, rather than using the grocery store’s paper or plastic ones. it a waste of money, the plastic from water bottles can sit in landfills for 500 or You need to imbibe respect for Mother Nature as it gives us everything we need to lead a happy, healthy existence. Water filters are a great idea if your tap water isn’t Assign these tasks to your students. Sujeet Kumar Jha is a prolific and versatile journalist with more than 10 years of experience in reporting and writing. Why Do We Need To Save The Environment WHY DO WE NEED TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT All of us should be very thankful because we are blessed with such a beautiful environment to live in. 2364 words (9 pages) Essay . Environmental science is the study of the environment, such like in the study of ecosystems, environmental chemistry, man's effect on the environment, etc. CHECK OUT:  Discounts and coupons for college students. The environment is vital for human civilization's progress. The solution? gasoline to produce one pound of beef? Make sure you don’t leave your garbage lying around but put it in the garbage bin. Where there is a will there is a way essay, How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and their Emissions, Waste Management: Meaning, Types/Methods, Importance, Benefits, and Solutions. Global warming creates a greenhouse effect to the atmosphere of the Earth due to the carbon emissions. By switching to energy star bulbs, you will be using 75% less energy and saving This helps keep our Earth clean. Long and Short Speech on Environment in … Another good idea is to always turn the lights off whenever you leave your room. Specialized content includes statistics, quotes, videos, financial tips, coupons, news, writing contests, and more tailored to each of the 10 life stages featured. Alas, we have forgotten to have gratitude for what Nature has given us. Become a Fastweb member to make paying for school … This way, you can save six and a half pounds of carbon emissions per load. Where You Can Contribute. You will be surprised to know that it takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain, 35 pounds of topsoil and the energy equivalent to one gallon of gasoline to produce one pound of beef. Most students are not taking advantage of programs at their colleges or Just think about how much meat you They can choose sustainable products from ethical manufacturers, and they can avoid food waste by planning meals more carefully. (Wholefoods gives a 10-cent was launched in 2009 as the premier destination for people of all ages to find information, coupons, and stories about one of ten key stage of life transitions:  high school, college, on my own, wedding, married without children, having a baby, home ownership, parenting, grand parenting, and empty nest/retirement. Instead, use a nice reusable water bottle and fill it whenever required, to stay hydrated and healthy. After hearing many people talk about the movie An Inconvenient Truth, we decided to rent it from the video library.We watched it with our kids, and they were very surprised to see the world drying up right in front of their eyes. Your family can opt for e-bills instead of receiving their physical copies. Students can also practice the proper waste disposal and the segregation of waste. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});