Customer Questions

Does the Detox really work?

Yes! There is so many companies working on a problem for this particular moment in life. We have found the one with the most satisfied customers and offer it to you Fast and WorldWide.

How long does it take for the detox to work?

Each detox has different instructions, but the primary instant detox are used 60-90 minutes prior to the examination

How long does it work for?

5 Hours, after the 90 minutes of taking your detox, you will have 5 hour window in which, any exam will show you negative for any toxins.

What should I be cautious of ?

Don’t drink dairy items.

and dont be intoxicated in the time of the testing.

Does the Urine Change Color?

Yes, your urine will first go from yellow to clear, and then a pee or two after clear is should be yellow again.

At this point, the formula has cleansed your system and also added color to your urine so that it does appear normal, like everyone else.

Is it OK to drink more water than recommended ?

No, Follow the instruction to the letter.

Over-diluting will not allow the formula to work its magic, so follow direction exactly as the bottle and we describe.


Seller F.A.Q.

Can I get my money back?

If the item is consumable and has been shipped, No.
If the item has not been shipped, Yes.
If you follow directions, failed your exam, Yes, Double Your Money Back.
If its been shipped, unused, and not a consumable, Yes

Technical Problems

Gurantee Questions

You follow directions as we describe.
Take Your Test.

send us your results and we will issue double your money back.

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